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Friday, 1 August 2014

Mums List. 26th July- 1st August.

Its that time of week again, I cant believe how fast it comes round can you?!!?

This week has zoomed by so fast...I cant really think of what we have been up too! Thank god for Instagram!

On Saturday we had an amzing time with family as Dad had a BBQ, my 2 sisters were there too and my 2 beautiful nieces and it was nice to relax and enjoy the sunshine! And eat scrummy food and enjoy a few drinks too!!

On Sunday we enjoyed a day out with friends playing holidaymakers!!

On Monday we made sausage rolls and homemade lemonade, which was featutred on Kid Rated and made the kids day!!

We made a start to sort out Evies Tippy Toe Walking and she has been doing great! Not even a week and already I am noticing a small difference! Go Evie!!

A few of our makes from this week: (you can find the recipes in my Recipe section!!) Thanks to Vicki at Honest Mum her Tasty Tuesday Link-up has made me step out of my box regarding my baking, I'm yet to try one of her amazing recipes but she has certainly made me aware of new foods and ingredients to experiment with and I am enjoying being in the kitchen again too, its not feeling like such a chore now that I can enjoy it! 

On The Blog.

A couple of  little 'blogging' milestones for me this week, I've smashed through the 10,000 view mark....I know it doesnt seem much compared to the many great blogs out there, but that people want to come back and see what I'm posting, feels great!!

And secondly the lovely Lisa (lollipop84 on Instagram) has this week started a guest post for me! She does great activities every day with her 2 young boys and its great to have her on board! You can read her first post HERE!


Hannah's 7 Things I've Learnt post has made me think about what I'm getting out of Motherhood, look out for a blog post soon!! 

Cate at Me Add Three had me sounding like a Herbal Essences advert (Yes, YES....YEEESSS!!) as I read her Its A Mans World post, I totally agree with every word...and i will always instill in my kids that we make our own stories in life and if you want something hard enough you can, and will get there, there are no barriers apart from the ones YOU put there!

And after last weeks Packing With Kids question, one kind reader emailed me this link to a printable kids packing list  from Creative With Kids, I will definatly be keeping this handy!!!

Mums' Days

Guest Post. Alphabet Activities for Preschool Toddlers.

I have been wanting to have a guest blogger for a while and I finally plucked up the courage to ask someone! That someone is Lisa she is a fabulous Mum and is always busy with her kids, keeping them entertained and happy, she isnt a Mummy Blogger but she does post regularly to her Instagram Account which you should definatly follow!!

Lisa will be writing weekly for me, a letter a week so lets start at A should we!

When Becky asked me to guest post on her blog there was no way I could say no! I honestly don't know how she (or other parent bloggers) find time to raise their little ones and run great blogs, I barely get to pee alone let alone try and put together coherent posts for other people. But here goes...!

I am a stay-at-home mummy of 3, the oldest (Ella) is 9 and is in school and the youngest (Cailan) is coming up 18 months so has just started getting involved with some of our activities. Mostly I focus our activities on my 2 1/2 year old (Hendrix) who is very active and if I leave him to play independently... Well let's just say disaster ensues! After doing various random activities I decided we needed a little more guidance and so after looking at alphabet related crafts online, I stumbled upon Crystal and Co feature called Letter of the Week. Today I am sharing with you our week looking at the letter A. I did absolutely zero planning for this (because you know, that would mean I'm organised and I'm really not!) although I did make a prompt for the following letters after hitting a brick wall with A!

All these things are fairly self-explanatory. Using sponges to print the letter A, being Active in the garden etc, the 'A' Alligator was a FREE printable from Crystal and Co website. 

Simple Toddler Abacus.

You Will Need:

2 lolly/craft sticks
2 pipe cleaners
10 beads or buttons

(You can use more if you wish but when I work with numbers we go as far as 5 for the time being)

What to do;

1) take a lolly stick and a pipe cleaner and wind the end of the pipe cleaner around the stick until it is secure.

2) take the second pipe cleaner and do the same further down the same stick.

3) now take your beads/buttons and thread 5 onto each pop cleaner (this is where the toddler can get involved)

4) finally take the second lolly stick and wind the loose ends of pipe cleaner around it so that there is no sagging where your buttons/beads are.


Really quick to make and we had lots of fun!

Firstly we just counted the buttons on each row, and then I would tell Hendrix "can you count 3 buttons on the top" "can you count 2 buttons on the bottom" - he needed lots of help but with repetition and encouragement it all sinks in eventually!

I promise our activities aren't always so lame!

Come back next week and I will share B activities.

Lisa :) xx

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Oh No!! Kids say the funniest things....and this is possibly one of the most embarrasing ever!!!

We were naughty on Monday night and had a chippy tea (straight after Sliming World weigh in....ooppps!) I had Jenson with me and he wanted to read the paper when this corker came out of his mouth.....

''Ohh I'm gonna read the paper...

I wanta see some boobies''

What the actual hell do you say to that? Well my response was to laugh...my mums response was to laugh...actually she may have snorted she laughed so much! The lady behind the counter didn't hear I dont think and one other customer was ordering so not sure if she heard or not...but still it was really embarrasing!

And what a shame for the boy that it was The Daily Mail...no boobies sorry buster!!!

His Dad's reply....Thats My Boy!!!!

Chocolate Baklava.

First up these are NOT, I repeat NOT Slimming World Friendly, I have made a few cut backs (it should really have been brushed with butter but I have stuck to my good old frylight to keep the syns as low as I could!)...So unless you plan on having a whole syn free day and then blow your whole daily allowance on 1 piece...which is what I plan to do, because every now and again you just need a treat!

What you will need:

For the syrup:

1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Honey
Juice from half a lemon
Vanilla Pod (or I used my trusty Dr. Oetker Vanilla Grinder)

For the Baklava:

Frylight (or butter if you 1 nob of melted butter)
Filo Pastry (we used 6 large sheets sheets cut in half  and trimmed to size)
250g Dark Chocolate, chopped small (or used choc chips)
150g Chopped mixed nuts
1tablespoon Ground Cinnamon
Preheat oven Gas 7.

Put all the syrup ingredients in a pan, bring to the boil and simmer for around 20 minutes.

Whilst your syrup is simmering away you can make a start on the Baklava (but remember to keep giving the syrup a stir!).

Combine the chocolate, nuts and cinnamon and mix well.

Once you have trimmed your pastry to size, you should have 12 sheets  (you can use a few more, i was just using what we had left!).
Spray your dish with the frylight (or brush with butter) and add 4 sheets of pastry 1 layer at a time, spraying each layer as you go, top the 4 sheets of pastry with 1/2 the nut and chocolate mix, layer with another 4 sheets of pastry (again spraying/brushing as you go along) top that with the rest of the mixture and then finally layer with the remaining 4 pastry sheets (remembering to spray/brush as you go) precut into 12 squares and 
pop in the oven for 45 minutes or until golden brown.
Once you take out of the oven pour the cooled syrup STRAIGHT onto the Baklava and leave for a good few hours...preferably overnight, we couldnt wait this long and ended up cutting it up after 8/9 hours!!

It was super sticky and 1 of the poor squares got a little squished (can you spot it!) as I was cutting it out!

This is a super sticky and superbly sweet dish so a sweet tooth is needed! 


How I worked out the syns:

pastry: 24
sugar: 48
honey:  40
choc: 17
nuts: 48
Total syns: 177

portions: 12

syns (rounded up) per portion: 15!

5 Ideas For...A Fussy Eater!

I'm often asked for my tips to help with fussy eater's so I thought I would do a 5 Ideas post.

1. Relax!

Make meal times an enjoyable experience! Stop the nags and relax...I know I know that is easier said than done but i promise as soon as you stop nagging the mealtimes will become less stressful (whether they eat or not is a different matter, but lets focus on getting them to the table and at least sitting at a table knowing its not going to turn into a battle!

2. Make Food Fun!

We love fun food here, whether its minnie mouse biscuits, 

Space Rocket Hotdogs, 

Or Monster Sarnies

Just to make it a bit more different! Yes it takes a bit of faffing and a littlemore time BUT if it gets them eating isnt it worth it? If this is an idea you like you should definatly take a look at Eats Amazing, she does such amazing food art and is my inspiration (though my efforts dont really compare!!!)

3.Less is more.

Dont pile up the plate, it looks daunting, think about when you go to a carvery and you see THAT person walk by your table (you know the one with the veggie mountain and the gravy lake on the plate?) and you say 'god all that food' well imagine that that is how little one sees their plate! Just pop a little of each item, you can always add more IF they eat it.

4.Try new foods regularly. 

When Ellie was little we used to try a new food every week...that included me, then it kind of stopped as she got older as i knew she would eat anything (apart from cheese..unless its melted...dont ask!!!) We have started doing this again recently, its great to get out there and try new foods/recipes and flavours that are new to everyone!

5. The one that always works in our house...

When ever I hear 'I'm full' ''I dont want anymore', I use these 2 beauties and without fail at least 1 will always work! 

First up: 
''I'm Full!!!''
(me) ''ohh let me look at that tummy!''
Toddler shows tummy
(me) ''ohhh look at that space right....there oohh and there'' (pointing to a couple of random parts on the tummy!)
Toddler will mostly look at you and laugh
(me) ''Ohh your gonna have to fill that all up!''
Toddler enthusiastically eats and after every mouthful will liftf their top...''full yet?'' 

More often than not I go with the ''oh how old are you? oh your 2/3/4 oh i bet you can eat 2/3/4 more big forks for me?'' 

Do you have any other top tips for parents with fussy eaters? Any products you use? Let me know and I will try and include them in a follow up post in a few weeks.