Saturday, 22 November 2014

Party Time!

As you may have seen we recently had Elsies birthday party, 2 weeks late, but she had a party non the less!

The set up.

Pink, princesses, crowns, bunting, polka dots...what more could a girl want!!!

Party bags for our beautiful guests!

Thanks to The Original Party Bag Co for their stunning partywear they gifted us!

What we (I mean they!!!) ate!

Hello Kitty ham sarnies!

Jam star Sandwiches.

Nutella open star sandwiches

Usual party food set up: Chocolate biscuits, choccy buttons, Barny Bear cakes, pom bear crispies (sorry for rubbish pic!)

The Birthday Cake.

We kinda went half bought cake with home made decoration!

What we did.

Not a lot really, danced, and played, unwrapped toys, played with toys, argued with toys, squashed sarnies into my carpet, wobbled jelly and angel delight everywhere, smeared chocolate all over our faces and made sure our immaculate party clothes were all gross-ed up! 

So nothing really special, I just don't see the point in spending sh*t loads on a cake and party games for a 1 year old! No offence to those that do, each to their own and all that! 

So nothing amazing, no dancing unicorns, no spectacular magic show, just simple family fun, enjoying some family time with a little tea party for Elsie, her brother, sisters and her cousins. It might not look a lot to you guys, but to me it meant the world!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Happy FIRST Birthday Elsie Bear!

I can not believe that I am typing little Elsie bear turned 1  *sob...sob...sob*. I can not believe that is has been a whole year since I was totally confused about if I was in labour or not! 

Apologies for a pic heavy post, stay with me there is an important message at the bottom of this post!

After what felt like a million false labours and passing my due date the day finally came, you can read my Birth Story HERE, over 52 weeks ago. Feels like just yesterday, but at the same time it feels like she has been here forever!

So here is a little note to you my gorgeous baby girl: 

It's almost faded from my mind that you wasn't able to regulate your own temperature at birth and we worried about diabetes...and then at a few days old a visit back to hospital as you were slowly turning into an Umpah Lumpah with Jaundice, luckily nothing wrong but still a whole day in hospital sat in a stinking side room on a children's ward, left alone with not 1 nurse coming to see if we were ok!

The struggle of breast feeding a distant far away memory, Mummy did her best sweetie but I just couldn't do it and I am ashamed to say I gave up, maybe a little to easily, but you my darling took it all in and gladly took to the bottle.

My littlest beautiful princess, you have turned into a cheeky little monster, inquisitive about everything, you have to touch everything...and I mean everything! Walking at 10.5 month and climbing stairs at 11.5 months (grrrr!!!) And getting into mischief since the day you started crawling. And with that blumming cheeky grin and your stunning big brown, bright, sparkly eyes you get away with just about everything! 

I love you my Princess, as does everyone who sets eyes on you, I love you more and more every second of every day. You are my world, as are your brothers and sisters, I don't know what I would do without all of you in my life. You are the reasons I pull my hair out, but at the same time you are the reasons I get out of bed every morning, to see your beautiful smiles, to embrace your cuddles, to pucker up for your kisses....all of this gets me out of bed, gives me my get up and go.

So know that on this day, your 1st Birthday, and every day after this, I love you my princess forever and ever 

Lots of love, sloppy kisses and a big squishy cuddle from Mummy 


A message to you readers.

Just by reading this (and especially by watching the videos below) you have enabled Pampers to donate the cost of 3 vaccines to UNICEF*  You can help further by purchasing Pampers products with the special UNICEF ‘1 pack = 1 vaccine’ sticker.

Since 2006, the campaign has funded an incredible 300 million vaccines, eliminating the disease in 15 countries.  But there are still babies in 24 of the world’s poorest countries at risk. This is when we Mums (and Dads) come in just by simply buying Pampers products we could help another baby, somewhere in the world celebrate their 1st birthday, just like Elsie just has.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.  I did so to raise awareness for this great campaign. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

TP Roll to Chocolate Box Step by Step Tutorial.

Can you believe its almost Christmas! Just 5 more weekends to get crafty for my most fave time of year! So every Thursday between now and then I will be posting a simple craft you can do with the help of your toddlers and older children over the weekend. Oh and I promise the majority of the items in the 'what you need' you will either already have at home OR are readily available for those on a budget...the majority of our stuff is bought in Poundland or Home Bargains!

What you need: 

Toilet Paper Rolls
Paint (we used red and a glittery green as I thought these were the most festive) 
Box of chocolates (this big box cost us about £3.99 from Home Bargains)
Small Stamps (we got our Christmassy ones from Poundland) 
2 colour ink stamps (ours were included in the stamp pack) 
Masking tape
Large stickers (ours are large felt stickers from Home Bargains, 69p for 8) 
Tissue paper

first paint your rolls and leave to dry....

Whilst waiting for the paint to dry you can continue with the next part of wrapping your chocolates...we secured our tissue with a bit of sticky tape to stop it unravelling) 

Once the paint is dry push one sides ends inwards to close it up...

Pop your chocolate package inside the tube...

And close up the opening in the same way...

Now grab your masking tape unroll sections onto your workspace (ensure you can unstick it!) and decorate with your stamps...

Wrap it around the centre of your package...

Then use one of your large stickers to decorate the top....

I love these I think they are perfect budget busting gift for teachers, brownie leaders, childminders etc for just the cost of a box of chocolates and some stickers and stamps (which I personally would have bought anyway!) as all the other bits we had in anyway. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

#WickedWednesdays #18

This week is all about Toddler Fashion! 

Jenson KNOWS how to pick an outfit, move over Harry Styles, Jenson is about to take your style crown and run with it!!

Sparkly Bowed earmuffs are NOT just for girls!

Cycle Helmet CHECK! 
Bike? What Bike? I am not riding my bike to the shops!

Retro October!

Cowboy fancy dress....just because!!

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