Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Chicken Pie. Slimming World Friendly. Low Syn.

I know I say it every time but this was the most delicious food I have ever made!! The kids loved it, I loved it, Dean loved it! AND it made LOADS! I got 2 pies out of this 2!!!! Oh and for my Slimming World readers its around 3.5-4 syns per serving.

What you need: (Makes 2 pies each serving 6)

1 onion, sliced
4 chicken breasts (diced)
3 peppers, diced (I used a green, red and yellow to keep the dish bright and summery)
1 large corguette, sliced
150g Feta Cheese 
8 Filo Pastry Sheets 
150g (8 tbsp) Half fat Creme Fraiche
2 Handfuls Chedder Cheese 
Tbsp Water

Preheat oven to gas 6.

Heat the frylight and add the chicken, onion and peppers, when the chicken is almost cooked add the corguettes and cook for a further 2/3 minutes and remove from the heat.
In a seperate bowl combine the Chedder Cheese, Creme Fraiche, herbs and water, season to taste and stir into the chicken mixture.

Spray 2x 20cm cake tin with frylight and layer 4 pastry sheets each so that they over hang (enough to fold over the top of the pie once its filling is in), Spray frylight on each pastry sheet as you go.

Spoon the mixture into the tins and crumble Feta over the top before folding the pastry over the top, spray with frylight (or a brush of butter)  and cook n the oven for around 30-40 minutes until golden brown.

Serve with a yummy summer salad and warm boiled potatoes.


I worked out the syns as follows:

Feta Cheese (half hex a per serving)

Creme Fraiche (12 syns)
Pastry Sheets (24 syns)
2 Handfuls Chedder Cheese (10 syns)

Total: 46/12 = 3.8syns per serving.

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Its Time To Chill with The Tot100 and Center Parks July Challenge!

Ive been meaning to make some ice pops with the monsters for some time now, but kept forgetting to buy the bloomin' moulds, but worry not I finally remembered them and here is what we made!

I decided to go for some healthy and not so healthy pops....both are so easy to make even the kids can join in! I mean if I have managed with a 2yr old and a 3yo old then you can...right?

We were inspired by Center Parcs ice lolly enthusiast, Deb Rogerson (whos top tips can be found HERE!) who said:

To keep your ice lollies healthy, use sugar-free squash, adding flavour without the sugar. Don’t forget, you’ll need to use more squash than you usually would to get the right flavour. 

I wanted to find recipes for great tasting and healthy ice lollies instead of overloading the monsters with sugar!

First up....

Healthy Option: Strawberry, Banana and Orange Smoothie Pops!

What you need: (makes 4) 

1 Banana
12 large strawberries (or you know the equivelent in smaller ones! I had a mix of small and large so had a few more!)
125ml Pure Orange Juice (we used Tropicana)

First up...chop the banana and the strawberries...(the kids did this)...then add to the blender..

Then add the juice (I did this but only because I hadnt measured it out and you just know if it had been left to the monsters it would ALL end up in their!)

They did enjoy watching it whizz around though!!

And thats it! Pour into your moulds add the lids and pop in the freezer for around 6-8 hours (or overnight if you can get away with it!)

Now, I know this is a competition post but seeing as I have always promised I will be honest I have included this recipe BUT I dont know what we did wrong....

This was after 11 hours,I have pushed the sticks back in  and will see if there is any change over night! Does anyone now what we have done wrong? 

And so The Not So Healthy Option...Vanilla Milk and Oreo Pops!

(Sounds Yum Right!)

Kid's (well in this house anyways!) favourite an iceream...on a stick...YES PLEASE!

What you need: (makes 4)

8 Oreos (or a cheaper knock off version, which is what we used)
Dr. Oetker Vanilla Grinder (my new love!)
Milk around 120ml (just make sure you have enough to fill your moulds) 

Firstly, get the kids to grind and mix some vanilla into the milk...

The next part is quite fiddly so not for toddlers to try (but you can always keep them busy with actual oreo!)

You need to part the Oreos so you can stick them to each side of the stick by the cream. (so for each Oreo you have you will have a biscuit spare I'm sure the kids will be happy of these, mine certainly were!!)


Now you just have to pour the milk mixture into the moulds and pop your sticks in..then leave to freeze for around 8 hours (or overnight if you can get away with it!)


Look at those faces!! Definatly Toddler Approved!!!

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots100 July challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elveden Forest Holiday Village.

Summer Hols.

Yesterday was quite a fun day so thought I would share it with you!

First up we went for our picnic lunch, I packed up some snacks etc and off we went (stopping off at the bakery on the way (which reminds me WE NEED FOOD BAGS!!!) 

The monsters decided that they wanted to picnic at the Boating Lake so we found a nice sunny spot (away from the ducks and geese...eeeekk!!) and unpacked our sandwiches....

...and oh would you believe it as soon as we started eating a little voice popped up 'I need a goylet' (that's Evie saying she needs the toilet!!) and yes the toilets are at the other side of the boating lake...So we packed everything up (for gods sakes!) and wandered round to the loo's after doing her buisness and asking Jenson if he needed to go (no mummy was his reply) we wandered back outside to finish, or start depending how you look at it, our lunch for the 2nd time. This time I chose a spot on the benches instead, unpacked the sandwiches and would you believe it, as soon as I took mine out Jenson piped up 'I need a wee, Mummy' So we packed up AGAIN and went to the toilets AGAIN!

We finally managed to finish our sandwiches without the need for the toilet, which now was bordering on 30-40 minutes since we first got here, and obviously they were now bored. Packing up again we went for a wander, ending up at the seafront band stand where my 2 beauts decided to put on a show for all the 'Nannys and Grandads' sat on the benches around the outside...They sang a few songs and danced around, so cute to watch, I forgot why I had gotten slightly pissed of with them less than an hour ago! The funniest was the 'Thankyou very much' that came at the end of their show...and the bows they took before we wandered off! As you can imagine the Grannies had massive smiles on their faces (well all bar one grumpy goat who got up and I heard muttering that they were enjoying the peace and quiet...)

Then we wandered round to the Jolly Fisherman fountain in The Compass Gardens, where i got to sit down and relax for 10 minutes whilst they ran around the fountain and put on another show on a raised bit of ground! Jenson even made use of a sign and used it as his ticket booth!

Then it was home time (or rather time to go shopping time) and guess what? I remembered the Ice lolly moulds (and I didnt have a list!)

We searched the whole of Skegness before finally remembering good old Wilkos (Wilkinsons...the shop everyone went to before Home Bargains made an appearence in town!) I can honestly say I had completely forgotten it was even there.

I will definatly be going back as I think some bits are cheaper than Home Bargains and Poundland. 

The ice lolly moulds were just £1.75 each and the plates bowls and cups were just 75p each and will be perfect for lunch al-fresco, both in the garden and out and about.

Come back later tonight and I will post a couple of SCRUMMY ice pop recipes!  

Have  a great day!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 1 Of The Summer Hols!

Well here it is, it finally arrived the day we have all been ''eeeeeekkking'' about...and well dare I say I'm bored! 

You see Ellie got finish school at 3 o clock yesterday and by 4 o clock was of on her holidays with her Nan and Grandad!

And where am I? Yeah thats right I'm at home with my 3 other monsters so just a usual day for us! Well apart from the fact that I got to stay in bed until 8.30 today, sorry Mummys who have been up since 6...or earlier...ouch!

8.00 This Morning and the sunshine through the curtain was threatning my lie in!! (Well the fact that the curtain needs hooking back up was the main reason!)

So the plan for today was to start the holidays off (and gain fab mum status) with some paddling pool fun and homemade ice-lollies (you can see our Pinboard an follow us HERE!!!) and homemade lemonade (perfect mummy hey!) BUT I have found a major flaw in my plan...I didnt buy a paddling pool, I forgot the lolly moulds (at least 5 times!!), and the lemons are still in Morrisons and well seeing as Ellie isn't here I have no fab mum status to gain (the toddlers already think I'm the best thing since sliced bread!!)

For today and the next few days I can stop worrying and...

So today's plan has gone a bit to pot really, so instead we are going to go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine and maybe just maybe remember to buy the things on my list, actually if I remember to take the list with me! Ellie is due back on Saturday morning and we have a BBQ to go to Saturday afternoon so maybe during those first few hours we could make the lemonade to take with us!?! Maybe...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Family Date Night Number 2!

Tonight's date night was rather impromptu, we decided that seeing as Ellie has gone of on her holiday with her Nanny and Grandad  tonight that we would treat the monsters to a family night out!

We was just going to go for a walk on the beach and grab an ice-cream but decieded to go to the fair instead especially as we managed to get lucky and have a small win on a scratchcard (nothing amazing but managed to pay for it!)

The kids were so excited I thought my eardrums would burst with their excited screams!!

We're Here!

We got to Bottons Fair (Skegness sea-front) and quickly and excitedly headed to get our tickets (which may I add I think are quite expensive £12 for 10 tokens, which luckily for us meant 5 rides each seeing as they are only allowed on smaller 1 token rides, but can you imagine the cost if we had the others with us and they would be going on 2 or 3 token rides!!  You can get wristbands which work out at £10 a child (after 5pm, before 5pm they cost more) 

We had so much fun and it was definatly worth the money, just to see my babies so happy and so excited and so made me smile so much my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much (oh and I got to go on a couple of rides with them too!!!!!

Fun on the rides! Jenson was brave enough to go no hands! And Evie enjoyed the cup and saucers all on her own!

And Elsie enjoyed all the sights and sounds!

And then....

It was time to leave CUE a mahhhooosive tantrum from Jenson who, obviously didnt want to leave, and if money were no object I would have et him stay until he fell asleep BUT money is an object and I'm afraid we don't have a money tree so I had to grab him under my arm and walk out of there as quickly as we could, with a promise that we would come back another time!

To calm him down we went for a walk along to the beach and we were lucky enough to catch the lifeboat going out (not sure if it was a practice run or an emergency but the monsters LOVED IT and it defused the tantrum...phew!) 

''Look Mummy, The lifeboat is going...''


And of course if your at the beach you HAVE to enjoy an ice-cream...

We had a wonderful night and as soon as we got home the monsters were tired and ready to go to bed, and within 15 minutes we had them washed, changed and fast asleep in bed! (Thanks to a bit of teamwork (well done Dean and forward planning, getting Elsie in her jammies before we left!!) 

So now all the munchkins are sleeping Dean is watching his rubbish on TV (and falling asleep too!) and I'm free to blog.

What a great start to the summer holidays, now we don't have a school run to worry about I cant wait to enjoy the summer evenings.

Three boys and a cat