Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Review! Not On The High Street Storytime Sounds App

Now one thing my kids like is the iPad, I mean they bloody love it! So I'm forever on the lookout for apps to keep them entertained, they soon get bored of some apps and they soon get deleted, with the exception of some that have been their since our little iPad mini started its life!

When I heard about's iPad and iPhone Storytime Sounds app I knew it would be something the monsters would enjoy and maybe we would get to play together...maybe! 

The app, which is free, was released way back in summer, and just this month got its first update adding Halloween sounds to to the list of sound boards available within the app.

The 6 boards, all of which are useable (I hate it when you download an app and you can only use 1 part and need to pay for the rest, god that angers me and usually results in an immediate delete from my devices!), cover every kind of storytime you can imagine:

Why not fly into outer space for a tale of aliens, martians and jet pack fun?

Or jump in your pirate ships for plenty of treasure hunt fun.

Maybe a visit to a lost world with dinosaurs and volcano's is your idea of fun...

Be a heroine or hero in a spell-fuelled fairy tale?

We played hide and seek with a friendly monster (he was easy to find...he had burps!)

And of course the new addition to the Storytime Sounds App...the Halloween Board. 

My monsters love all of the boards, notice how I say LOVE not loved, yep this app is still on our iPad a week later, it has been used daily and we have had an array of story's, weird to wonderful, story's that make sense (usually mine) to story's that need a bit of Mummy willpower about them as a 2 year old and 3 year old are making them up and sometimes pressing buttons like maniacs!

Mummy's Thoughts.

In all its a great app, the sounds are simple yet effective, easy to understand, I mean they actually make sense! The colours on the app are bright as are the pictures. A really inviting app. And I am happy for it to take a spot on my iPad!

The Monsters Thoughts.

Jenson says the app is ''So So Awesome'' he says this with eyes wide!

Evie just does a happy screech, so, I mean, I assume she enjoys it too!

The app is free to download for everyone you can download it in the iTunes store  link at the top of this review (unfortunatly not available on Android devices yet) and is aimed at children aged 3-7...but Evie is 2 and enjoyed it just as much, and I am 30 and loved it too!

#wickedwednesdays #15

Halloween...such a fun time of year, full of happinesss, trick or treats etc get what I mean?

Every year we deck the house out, I go ridiculously overboard with treats for the children knocking at the door, we get on our fancy dress and head out to do some trick or treating...all good fun! I LOVE IT!

Apart from last year...I gave birth to Elsie on the 28th...didnt really feel like going out BUT never one to let my kids down I did all the above...decorated the house etc etc. Now we only had a small window of opportunity to get the trick or treating done...Elsie was breastfeeding and around every 1.5/2 hours or so. Add to the equation that I was a hormonal and tired wreck...

Now as a rule we only knock at houses which are decorated, I see it that if they arent decorated with at least a pumpkin then they dont want to know! Fair enough yes? And the kids know this!

So imagine their horror when at one house no one answered the door...Ellie stood their like ''I'll knock again maybe they didnt hear'' Ellie they arent in...and oh would you believe what happened next...

The kids had a tantrum. Jenson ran into the road. I had Evie who refused to walk. Ellie storming off down the street. GREAT!

So I had enough and marched them all home, Evie in arms Jenson and Ellie both crying because I actually followed through with the threat of going home...

I stormed up the side of the car on the drive...and it all seem to happen in slow motion...I slipped on wet leaves and me and Evie both slammed to the floor...f**k it hurt! My knee was sooo swollen and so sore....

And Evie....Evie was a mess and I still feel so so SOOOOOOOO guilty now...her face was so bruised (this pic does not show the real ouchness!) where as the majority of myself had landed on the grass, (apart from my knee which caught the edge of the drive) Evie had had her face take the impact and hit the paving. 

Looking back it is a little bit funny how we hit the ground like a sack of spuds! I mean look at her face she wasn't that bothered, I mean don't get me wrong it hurt and she cried but give her some sweets from her Treat bag and she was fine!

But me on the other hand god I cried...I cried for at least 3 hours! Then when we woke up the next day  and I saw her face...I cried again for another hour or so!

So lets hope on this Halloween we get through the night as a happy night, no stress, no tantrums, just fun times!

Ohh one last thing....




Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Making Tracks. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday! Showcase and Link Up Week 4.

Welcome to this weeks #ToddlerApprovedTuesday link up. This week Leandra is host so please pop over their to link up, and I will pop by and read all you link ups! Ohh and remember to tweet us your links we will both give you a retweet and a little mini shoutout!

Loads of great entrys last week thanks to everyone for joining in! 2 faves from last week were these Diwali Candle holders that Clare shared...

Image Courtesy of Clares Little Tots

Image Courtesy of Small People Big Ideas

And so onto my link this week, I especially love this because not only was it toddler approved, it got the approval of the big monster (Ellie, 9) and the smallest monster (Elsie, 1).

Its so simple all you need is paper, felt pens, medium/large toy cars/trucks etc and masking tape.

Tape your pens to the backs of the cars, and your ready to go! Drive the cars along the paper and voila....toddler approved art!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Blog Stars Little Stars!

Welcome to my week 2 of my new feature, Blog Stars Little Star, where I pass the reins to your favourite bloggers little ones (you know the real stars of the show!)  and ask them some all important questions! 

This week Leandra from LaraBeeUK handed over to Thomas, 2. 

LarabeeUK is a blog about what I love, food, my family, crafting and organising, sometimes you'll find a few other little gems thrown in for good measure. 'Team Bramham' (cheesy I know!) live for evenings and weekends, and try and cram in as much as we can! I am a step-mum of 2 teenagers (g16 & b13) and Mum to Thomas who'll be 3 on Boxing Day and super wife to The Hubs, Karl.

And now it's Thomas' turn, here is what he said about his Mummy:

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?

Stay still!

2. What makes Mummy happy?

Poo's in the toilet (ummm maybe the poo poo on the toilet version of Becky's potting training song is a little enthusiastic!)

3. What makes Mummy sad?

Me, being naughty

4. How does your Mummy make you laugh?

By tickles!

5. How old is your Mummy?

Massive (hmmm cheers little dude!)

6. How tall is your Mummy?

This tall (raises hand high above his head)

7. What is Mummy's favorite thing to do?

Pick me up from nursery.

8. What does your Mum do when you’re not with her?


9. What is your Mummy really good at?


10. What is your Mummy a bit rubbish at?

Books. (Not sure what he's getting at here, cheeky little toad!)

11. What does your Mummy do for her job?

Can't remember.

12. What is your Mummy's favorite food?


13. If your Mummy was on the TV what would she be on?

Penny in Fireman Sam!

14.What do you and your Mummy do together?


15. How do you know your Mummy loves you?

Can I have a cuddle?

16. What does Mummy like to wear?


17. What does Mummy watch on TV?

Mummy's telly.

18. What does Mummy drink?


19. What did Mummy do before having babies?


20. Where is Mummy's favourite place?

In the kitchen. (Really? it's not!)

Thanks Leandra, Thanks T! We love your interview! Remember to use the code below and display your badge to let people know you featured on Blog Stars Little Stars! (Well if you want pressure!)

Blog Stars Little Stars

Friday, 24 October 2014

Guest Post. Learn The Letter Activities.

We had loads of fun this week with our "I" related activities so let's get stuck right in!

Insect Hotel.

I don't know about yours, but my toddlers LOVE anything creepy crawly, they also love being outside so this activity was perfect!

You will need;
A 2 litre plastic bottle
Wood and sticks
Cardboard tubes

Step 1) cut the top and bottom off the plastic bottle so you have an open ended cylinder

Step 2) the really fun part - go out in the garden or local wooded area and collect small sticks and pieces of wood

Step 3) any toilet roll tubes you have saved for craft projects comes in handy now, take a tube and wet it under the tap (insects like damp!)

Step 4) go and pick a nice spot to set up your hotel, and place all the sticks and cardboard inside the plastic bottle, and now just wait for your guests!

We went back to ours a few hours later and had a few visitors, both boys were so excited! They have regularly gone out to check it since we built it, and it's definitely one of the most successful things we've made!


You will need;
An iguana print out
Pipe cleaner
Plastic clothes peg
Sticky tape

Step 1) cut out your iguana in 2 halves lengthways from the mouth

Step 2) using the sticky tape, stick the iguana onto the clothes peg, so when you pinch the peg it's mouth "opens and closes"

Step 3) taking your pipe cleaner, wind it around the pencil to make it "curl" and stick onto your iguana to make a tongue. Done!

I made a few of these which my boys had lots of fun playing with (until the fighting ensued and they were destroyed in the crossfire!)

Ice lollies.

You will need;
Plastic cups or ice lolly moulds
Lollipop sticks
2 bananas
1 tsp Honey
4 tbsp Natural or flavoured yoghurt
Plastic fork
Plastic bowl

Step 1) place the bananas in the bowl and hand your toddler the fork and let them get mashing (they may need showing what to do at first but they soon get the hang of it!)

Step 2) add the yoghurt (we used apricot flavour) and honey and let them give it a good mix

Step 3) tip the mixture into the plastic cups (this was enough to half fill 2 cups) and pop in the freezer

Step 4) after 30-60 mins go and put the lollipop sticks into the ice lollies, they should be part set so the the sticks won't move around. Leave to freeze

A massive hit! The boys absolutely loved them and there's absolutely all sorts of flavours you could make!

Thanks for reading!

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