Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Oh No!! Kids Say The Funniest Things!

I don't condone children swearing, OK, BUT I do swear. Accidentally, of course!

So this morning after putting Elsie down for her morning nap, I came downstairs to tidy up and of course the little shits monsters wouldn't help! So 15 minutes later the room was tidy...I go to the loo...

And came back to them throwing toys in the air, basically emptying every box I just filled...

So as you imagine I stood their gawping at them and said...

''You gotta be taking the piss!'' no one in particular. Jenson continued to empty boxes in some crazed manner. 

Evie stopped. Looked at me. And in her sweetest most caring voice...

''No Mummy...We arent taking the piss.''

...deadly serious. 

I dont know if it was funny or not. Well what I mean is, it wasn't funny that she swore...BUT it was funny how she said it so sweetly, so caring!

#wickedwednesdays #14

Sorry Jenson...Just sorry! It's all I have to say, but to be fair you did do it to yourself!



You Might Be More Feminist Than You Think...I Certainly Am!

Yep I said it...the 'F' word, you may (or may not) have seen this post by The (Mal)Contented Mother. (if you haven't seen it go read NOW!).

I was drawn to the post through the Good Read's feature on the Tots100 site I regularly read and this photo (below) was the one to represent the blog post...
Photo Courtesy of The (Mal)Contented Mother

I reluctantly clicked the link with a ‘what shit is she writing about’ kind of attitude. Now I have never read this certain blog and I thought it was going to be one of those with a no boys toys in this boys house sprinkled in for extra effect which infuriates me as I imagine that these children will grow up thinking men cant be firefighters, police officers etc etc, because these parents are so busy making sure that they know woman do these jobs...hope that makes sense…it does in my head!! BUT anyway having read it, more than once. I am glad I did, it has a powerfully positive statement to make in the way's we teach our children.

And it made me think...Maybe I'm more feminist than I would class myself. I mean I am never going to be demonstrating down at Parliament with a placard in the air but I'm all for equality, and that is the same kind of thing right? No, really, am I right?.......Well this is what I get from feminism anyways, so I shall continue...

I mean for starters my monsters have all sorts of toys, they all equally play with everything. Evie will dress up
as a cowgirl in the same outfit Jenson wears to be a cowboy. They both have dolls and prams (well we have one pram but they use their shopping trolley as a pram too!) They choose what they want to play with when they want (I do believe once they were playing with their babies and Evie was a Daddy too!), the car box is as big as the dolly box and they are bought books etc on their interests, not on their genders.

In fact Evie has always been a bit of a car and dino lover, it has only been recently that her interests have changed and she is crazy about princesses, I mean don't get me wrong she isn't totally ''girlified'' that girl wets her self in excitement when a motorbike goes by....if she was to ever see a princess riding a motorbike then wowzas I think her head would explode! Jenson has always been a car and bike lover, but get him in that kitchen and he would give Katy ''I Can Cook'' a run for her money.

And then there's nursery's I have worked at I have made songs etc as inclusive as I could. ''Right we are on the bus (singing The Wheels On The Bus)...who's on the bus guys? I would regularly ask! You know, using their experiences, what they know, to sing a song...Sometimes the Mummy's would chatter chatter chatter BUT sometimes Mummy drove the bus...Mummy forgot the shopping, Mum's car was in the garage, SOMETIMES Daddy drove the bus, SOMETIMES Nanny handed out snacks, ONCE Grandad fell asleep, ONCE baby stole the man in fronts hat (ha ha ha!) and my most favourite SOMETIMES Daddy says 'stop picking your nose and sit down please'. HILARIOUS!

We all wear what we want, I mean I'm not going to say I will allow Jenson to go out wearing one of Evie's dresses anytime soon, but if he wants to dress up as a princess in the house who am I to stop him (BTW before any trolls think they can run with that comment...If, in the future Jenson decide's he want to wear dresses and skirts...then so be it, BUT seeing as he is a toddler he will wear what I buy him!) If Ellie wants to wear a pair of jeans and converse, fine go ahead...If she wants to wear a dress and paint her nails? That's fine too.

You see what I don't agree with is sexism, in any way, towards females or males. Equality is what I teach my monsters but I don't and won't go out and make a point of making sure I only buy dolls for my son, nor will I only buy cars for my daughter. Instead I choose equality without them realising, because that is when it means nothing, when it is normal, when no big deal is made over what Fred and Jane are doing!

 My monsters will have what they want (within reason) and they will do what they want (within reason) because it is 2014 and actually I am unsure why this is even still something we still talk about, Its almost as though we have gotten to the point where some people wont be happy until all men of the world are, erm I don't know erm, in the kitchen and all the women are driving forklift trucks or such. I mean there was a story on the news a few years ago about a Mum and Dad (I'm sure Dad was the female and Mum was the male!) who had completely gone against the grain and only bought their son ''girls'' stuff...he wore skirts and nightdresses he played with dolls and a kitchen. He didn't own any ''boys toys'' nor any ''boy clothes''...I mean really? I don't mean to offend anyone but what are they, crazy nuts? What result do they think they are actually going to get at the end of his childhood?

Lets just be happy that I don't know people have jobs! That people have clothes! That our children have toys! Does it matter what they are? Does it matter what we do? We are all human beings, lets just try and get along.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday Week 3.

I cant believe how fast the last week has gone! So many great posts linked up with Leandra last week, so thanks to all who linked up! May I also take this opportunity to apologise for how long it took me to read everyones link up's! Must try harder this week!

There were so many great entrys I'm finding it hard to choose 2 for this weeks showcase, but I'm going Halloween themed (we all know I love a Halloween post!) with these Halloween Outfits over at Lamb and Bear ....

Photo courtesy of Lamb and Bear.

And these Halloween window clings from Leandra are THE BOMB! Guess what we are making next week!

Photo courtesy of Larabee-uk

Now on with the show!

We would absolutely love it if you would join us, linking will open every Tuesday through to Thursdays and give us a good few days to see what your little ones have approved! We will share your posts on Twitter (make sure you follow me (@3princess_1dude and Leandra @larabeeuk) and every week we will each pick our fave two for a #ToddlerAprrovedTuesday Showcase!


1. Link 1 post per week, Remember to paste the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday badge on each post you would like to link up (code below – paste it into the HTML option of your blogging platform).

2. Pop by and comment on a couple of other's link up's...Its nice to share the love!

3. OPTIONAL: Share your post and the linky party (using the hashtag #ToddlerApprovedTuesday) on your social media, Leandra and I will retweet all your posts via Twitter (make sure you mention us in your tweets @3princess_1dude/@larabeeuk) and also share on our #ToddlerApprovedTuesday Pinterest board.

The Badge.

This week my little monsters have been getting all excited about Halloween, or helloeen as Jenson calls it, we have been searching Pinterest for stuff to give as treats, 5 have made the short list...keep a look out to see which make it to the final cut!!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

My First Visit To Blog Camp...What I've Learnt!

I had a totally AMMMMMAAZING time at Blog Camp on Saturday! So many lovely people that popped over to say hello to me...I mean they knew who I was...crazy s**t is that! I was not expecting anyone to want to come and say hey to me which leads me to the first, and main thing, I learnt...

1. Be Confident.

Taking this tip from Vicky at Honest Mum, I was seriously in awe of her, she is just so confident and proud, I think that's the right word? Proud of what she has built up, I mean come on, 2 blogs and an online article for Grazia Magazine, award name a few of her wonderful attributes! (Again is that the right word?) She is seriously, in my eyes Queen Blogger!  

So any way when she entered the room, I sure a hell knew about her, she oozes glamour, confidence and love. From the way she speaks you can tell she loves her blogs, her jobs. I need this, I doubt Vicky would ever say 'Oh its just a blog'. Believe in yourself, believe in your blog...You are aces...believe it!

2. Know Your S**t!

I think this advice came from the captivating Kiran of Mummy Says, if your going to email companies/PR's/editors etc know who you are talking too! You know, don't email Mother and Baby about your post on teenagers!

3. Be professional.

A company sends you something? Don't chuck it to the side and wait a few weeks...GET IT DONE! Find out the deadline, if it hasn't been mentioned. Finding something difficult? Email and tell them! I felt really stupid listening to this advice as it is so, so obvious and I am ashamed to say that at the very beginning of my blogging journey I received an item I didn't like, instead of doing anything about it I just didn't post a review! Now I know that was naughty, I shouldn't have done least I didn't slate their product though hey! 

4. Be Nice!

Well I always think I am nice anyways. I certainly don't believe I have ever been rude on purpose. I always reply to tweets and I'm getting better at replying to comments more often! But ''getting better'' could always be ''I always do'' right!

5. Read other blogs and Comment, Comment, Comment!

PR's, companies, editors etc can find you through your comments on others blogs! Like a review you have read? Comment you never know who's reading!  And whilst your leaving comments, bloggers are more likely to come back over to your blog...Blog love and all that!

Finally a quick Thanks to all at Tots 100, for a fabulously amazing day! I cant wait for the next one! 
Sorry for the lack of photos on my behalf...BUT pop over to the Tots100 Facebook page and their are lots of wonderfully amazing pics or check out the #BCUK hashtag on Instagram and Twitter!

Ohhhh and one last thanks to Beth for being my backbone on Saturday!!

Until next time...

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