Friday, 22 May 2015

Review. Out and About With Little Life Safety Harness.

Elsie is now 18 months old, she is wanting more and more to get out of the pram and walk. And whilst this is all well and good when we are exploring Castles and country parks, on the school run...well lets just say it isn't very relaxing as she legs it after cats, runs into people's garden's and runs into EVERY shop you walk past! We needed reins...

Fun Time Fridays #1

So at least once a day I have been trying to set something up for the monsters to do, I have mentioned before how I find their behaviour so much better when they have something to focus on instead of just ransacking the place every day! So here are a few things we did for fun during the last fortnight!

A piratey sticker creation station...

My Little Pony Playdoh, inspired by Clares Little Tots...

A glittery fairy dust kinda morning... 

Fairy houses in the making... 

Magic potions making for a preschool home challenge... 

Playdoh with letters and numbers...

Decorating Gingerbread People...

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Vlog Stars #1

As you may know, I have been vlogging on and off since we started blogging, an occasional video here and there. And then since January they have kind of gotten more regular. There is still no set upload days or anything but it also took me ages o get into a blog routine so, please bear with me, I will get there in the end...

This weeks (yes, week because I uploaded for the last 2 Thursdays now this will be the 3rd!) upload is to link up with the Vlog Stars linky ran by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy and Amy at Mr and Mrs T plus Three, be sure to follow the link below to find out more! 

Anyway enough of my babble, here it is here is my Get To Meet Me video...

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Make Every Moment Count

Days at home with 3 young children is hard, I wont lie....sometimes its a little bit rubbish. Some mornings are full of tantrums, that is until Great Nanny Sandra knocks at the door at 11am and brings with her a bag of goodies! From cakes and biscuits to bananas and strawberries, their is always something in a bag, without fail! 

Most days with this comes an air of calm when I can catch my breath as I make us both a cuppa, as Jenson gets himself ready for school with the bribe excitement of a treat at the end of it! 

The time when you can take a breather and realise that yes you have had a crazy mad and sometimes rubbish morning...but look, just look at them sat there, all smiles and full of love. That moment you realise they don't hate you...they hate that you wouldn't let them have cake for breakfast...

The moment that you realise how lucky you are to have healthy children, the moment you realise you couldn't be without them.

I cant imagine what it would be like to ever lose a child, nothing can prepare you for this. Shooting Star Chase is a leading children’s hospice and charity caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.  Supporting families from diagnosis to end of life and throughout bereavement with a range of nursing, practical, emotional and medical care. It's aim to make every moment count. 

They provide support free of charge to families, 365 days a year. The charity’s care service includes short breaks at two hospices (Shooting Star House in Hampton and Christopher’s in Guildford), Hospice at Home, day care, symptom management, end-of-life care, bereavement care and a comprehensive range of therapies and support groups for the whole family. 

They have found that one of the ways to help parents is to find new way's to remember and commemorate their loved ones, their children. That is why for the last 3 years they have ran the Sunrise Walk.

The Sunrise Walk is a positive way to commemorate a child who has died, whilst making a difference.  By taking part and raising much-needed funds so that the charity can continue to provide a lifeline for parents who are learning to live alongside the loss of a child.

As the Sunrise Walk heads into it third year it has so far attracted over 500 walkers who have raised an impressive £85,000. For 2015 we’re looking for 300 walkers and we aim to raise over £40,000.

With three routes to choose from in a picturesque setting, anyone can take part – whether you’re an experienced walker or enjoy a stroll with your family and friends.

This years walk takes place on Sunday 31st May 2015 at 4:30am at the beautiful Ham House near Richmond, Surrey and starts with lighting a paper lantern to remember a loved one.

If your around that area why not take part? Find out more here:

#WickedWednesdays ''I'm Back!''

I've started a new What We Wore Wednesdays feature, now some days getting an outfit of the day photo is easy, others, well, erm not so...

Kiss me...Kiss me!

Hold my hand Elsiiiiieee....


What We Wore Wednesday #1

I have recently been looking at back at old blog features I loved, one of my faves was our In Our Wardrobe post's last summer, so I thought I would start them again! We have found a great spot outside on the top of the driveway and I think its perfect for taking our outfit of the day photos...what do you think! Oh and OK I realise I may be missing a couple of days...I kind of forgot!!

Evie wears:

Cardi: F&F at Tesco
Long sleeve 'Hello' top: Next
Leopard leggings: Baby Gap
Shoes: Doodles from Clarks

Elsie wears:

Skinny jeans: Zara
Long sleeve top: Next
Leopard blazer: Matalan
Leopard hi tops: Next
Headband: local facebook seller

Evie Wears:

Zebra collar top: F&F at Tesco
Leggings: Next (in store now)
Shoes: Doodles at Clarks
Headband: The Button Box

Elsie wears: 

Denim pinafore: Next (in store now)
Tights: George at Asda
Ruffle front top: Zara
Shoes: Clarks

Evie wears:

Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Next
Shoes: Doodles at Clarks (in store now)

Elsie wears:

Leopard jumper: Next
Fluffy gilet (hooded with ears!): Next
Black leggings: F&F at Tesco
Hi tops: Next

Evie wears:

Pink vest: Next
White Cardigan: f&f at Tesco
Ditsy Trousers: Next 
Shoes: Doodles at Clarks (in store now)
Frosen handbag: Primark (in store now)

Elsie wears:

Pink Cardi: Primark
Ditsy top: Next
Pink leggings: Next
Shoes: Clarks

Jenson wears:

Jeans: Next
Zip up hoodie: F&F at Tesco (in store now)
Shoes: Primark (in store now)

Evie wears:

Pink heart jumper: Next
Jeggings: Next 
Boots: Mothercare

Elsie wears:

Navy heart jumper: Next
Pale pink leggings: Next (In store now?)
Navy sequin ugg style boots: Next

Evie wears: 

Mustard and White stripe top: H&M
Denim pinafore dress: Next
Mustard stripe tights: Next
Red doc marten style boots: Next

Elsie wears:

Floral tunic: Next
Mustard leggings: Next
Brown bow boots: Next

Evie wears:

Dress: Next (In store now)
Leggings: Next (In store now)
Shoes: Doodles at clarks 

Elsie wears:

Cat peplum top: Next
Grey leggings: Next
Shoes: Next

Jenson wears:

Jumper: F&f
Jeans: Next
Wellies: Peacocks


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday Week 30

Hey guys! I'm back its been a refreshing 2 weeks which has given me some breathing space to come up with lots of new ideas and get me back to loving blogging, not just liking blogging. So here I am back and raring to go, I cant wait to see what you have to share this week, there has been a little shake up of rules etc so please be sure to read them before you link up! (nothing major, don't worry!)

I don't have any show cases this week, just 2 great big thank you's for Ray and Jenny for stepping in and hosting for me the last fortnight. I can't thank you both enough. 

You can visit Ray (Rachael) at Lukeosaurus and Me.

And visit Jenny over at Monkey and Mouse.  

Now on with the show...

We would absolutely love it if you would join us, linking will open every Tuesday through to Thursdays and give us a good few days to see what your little ones have approved! We will share your posts on Twitter (make sure you follow me (@3princess_1dude and Leandra @larabeeuk) and every week we will each pick our fave two for a #ToddlerApprovedTuesday Showcase!


1. Link as many posts as you like (well with in reason!) BUT  please remember to paste the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday badge on each post you would like to link up. No badge, no comment, no share, and your posts will be deleted.

2. Pop by and comment on two or three other posts, more would be great if you can!

3. OPTIONAL: Share your post and the linky party (using the hashtag #ToddlerApprovedTuesday) on your social media, Leandra and I will retweet all your posts via Twitter (make sure you mention us in your tweets @3princess_1dude/@larabeeuk).  Even if you don't have a blog, please do join in by using the hashtag for your toddler approved tweets & Instagram posts, they will still be counted for the showcase! 

We have changed the way we share your posts, it takes so much time to pin and tweet and comment etc, so heres what is going to happen:

We are opening up the Toddler Approved Tuesday Pinterest board to you guys too. Just send myself or Leandra an email with your Pinterest name and we will add you, there is no limit on how many you add, it doesn't just have to be the post you link up with. 

We will now only be RT'ing posts Tweeted to us, and our showcased posts will also be RT'd too.

We also have a fab new Facebook group for the Toddler Approved Tuesday community. Pop over and join us, share your posts, share any photos from inspiration you have gotten from a Toddler Approved Tuesday link up. Lets make it a real active place to be!

AND finally

The Badge:


This week I am sharing our Fruity Chocolate Toast, and I'm also sneaking in a second link to our Ben Elf Fancy Dress. Find them both linked up below...


Leandra is sharing Holiday Rainy Day Kit, a great idea and I cant wait to see her post!

So now it's you turn, remember to grab the badge and comment on some great posts. 


Off To London...With A Preschooler and Binky Bear!

Ever since me and Ellie went to London in February Jenson has gone on and on and on about going! So as a birthday treat we have planned a hotel just for me and Jenson (Oh and Binky Bear) to go and enjoy a one night stay in July...

Monday, 18 May 2015

5 Ideas For...Gardening With Kids

Did you see my Spring Bucket List? One of the things we really wanted to do was get started with  a veggie patch in the garden...well half way through Spring and we still haven't made a start! And I'm not sure its going to happen (unless I turn into Queen Nagger and keep moaning about it!) but it got me thinking about other ways we could attempt gardening with the monsters. So here are 5 Ideas For Gardening With Kids!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Ordinary Moments. #2 Feeding The Ducks

Now the nicer weather has finally arrived, that is at least it seems, I have been trying to get out and about once we have dropped Jenson at preschool instead of heading home to watch yet another series of Milkshake Monkey or Peppa Pig or Teletubbies (yawn!). It has meant dropping Elsie's mammoth afternoon nap to a shorter morning nap but it has meant she has been sleeping in until at least 6.30 instead of the usual 5am wake up call!!

The girls favourite thing to do at the minute is to go and feed the ducks..or indeed just stand in quiet and watch the ducks some days if we don't have bread for them! 

The two of them standing on the bridge holding hands as we watch the ducks swim underneath us is just heart melting-ly cute.  Watching excited little feet hop one to the other as they wait to see who's pooh stick appears first. Happy but scared hands grabbing my legs as the ducks surround us for the goodies we hold. The first mutterings of a 'quack-quack' from Elsie. The look of love from one sister to another as they share the bread bag and take turns to throw lashings of bread squares to the ground. 

The ordinary moments when you can just stand back, enjoy being a Mummy and watch your children play happily, together in the Spring sunshine.

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